• 1.About Us
    Who we are, what we do, and the history of CAC.
  • How did CAC begin?

    Cruising Against Cancer was created because of an intense need to cope with yet another diagnosis of cancer in my family and realizing the importance of celebrating life. Our Founder Rick Barber, was diagnosed with prostrate cancer in 2010. It was because of this diagnosis that he realized how important it was for families to spend more time together and to not take our living for granted. He had a desire to spend more time with his family and he thought that a cruise would be a great way to do it.
    So many people have been touched, affected, and totally beat down by cancer. However, instead of letting cancer win, we’ve decided to put it on the run by taking it to the sea. We want to celebrate life and not the devastation of the disease. We choose to remember and honor those that have lost the battle, those that are still fighting the battle, and those who have conquered the disease by providing the relaxation of a pleasure cruise; absolutely free.

  • What is CAC's Mission?

    Our Mission: The mission of Cruising Against Cancer (CAC) is to provide cancer survivors and their families with free luxury cruises. Our goal is to offer opportunities that create everlasting memories. These cruises are designed specifically for rest, relaxation and what we call “therapy at sea”. We believe that cancer victims and survivors have been through plenty of mental and emotional stress. Between the thoughts of healing, the uncertainty of recovery, the cost of medical treatments, insurance or the lack thereof, the possibility of death, the condition of the family legacy and the cost of medication, who stops to think about going on a vacation? We do!

  • CAC Community Awareness

    We are preparing ways that the community can help us in supporting cancer awareness. Our first community project is to promote cancer awareness by “Kicking Cancer to the Curb”. This is our pink, full-sized, city approved, trash can program. Let your neighborhood see that you are supporting cancer awareness by thinking “Pink”. It’s our way of supporting breast cancer awareness. You can find out more about the purchase of this neighborhood and community wide pink trash can program by going to our website and clicking on the “Pink Can” tab.
    We are excited about supporting cancer awareness. We are expecting local and national companies, foundations and corporations to help support the cause by helping us fund and send numerous families on luxury cruise vacations. CAC is not only a local organization. We are crossing boarders throughout the nation by opening a CAC division in San Diego, CA. The San Diego division will serve the west coast nominees and Tampa and Jacksonville FL.

  • Are my donations tax-deductible?

    Any donation is tax deductable and portions of our proceeds are used to support cancer research and to fighers and survivors on our luxury vacations.

  • Is there a phone number I can call?

    If you have any questions please call us at 910-644-0229.

  • What is your email address?


  • Social Media accounts?

    Currently we have 2 ways you can connect with us on social media.  Click the links below to connect.




  • 2.Application Process
  • Nomination criteria

    A person can nominate themselves or another deserving and qualified cancer fighter/survivor. The nomination process entails logging onto our website, clicking the “apply” arrow, clicking the “print application” link, filling out the application and mailing it back to us at: Cruising Against Cancer, P.O. Box 1219, Hope Mills, NC 28348.

  • How do I apply for the cruise?

    Click to download the application.  Once you download the application, please fill out as complete as possible then email to info@cruisingagainstcancer.com

  • 3.Cruise Information
  • How does someone qualify for a CAC cruise?

    A person can be considered eligible for a free cruise if they have been diagnosed and treated for any form of cancer. The potential nominee must be able to receive a medical release form from their attending physician stating their approval for the nominee to attend our vacations.

  • Who can attend a CAC cruise?

    Everyone is welcome to attend any of our cruises. As an attendee, you are considered a supporter of Cruising Against Cancer. If you’ve had a family member, friend or acquaintance that has lost the battle to any form of cancer, you ¬¬are a candidate and considered a CAC supporter. As a supporter you can book a spot on our cruise by going to our website and clicking “Our Cruises” where you’ll find all of our cruise information.

  • Current Cruise Info?

    November 23-28, 2012 Carnival Cruise Lines to the Bahamas leaving from Charleston, SC.

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