The world is so busy. Everything is so loud. There are distraction every ! where ! Sometimes you HAVE to step out of the matrix, turn off all the noise and distractions, and tune in to the voice within. I recently challenged myself to live 24 hours in silence (reference this post for why). I[…]

You are NOT a Trash Can

Regardless of what many have been told or even think, you are NOT a trash can. You are not a receptacle of people’s negativity. The trash that others throw out with their words, is not yours for the taking, do not take ownership of that. Furthermore, your digestive tract was not created with the intent[…]

Well-BEing Wednesday: Water your Goodness

Water is so versatile, yet simple and is often overlooked for its numerous benefits. Today, I want to reintroduce you to this wonderfully, straightforward liquid. Hi! This is water, a transparent liquid that is powerful on many levels. It can cleanse the body, erode concrete and even take out a city. This substance covers much[…]


In this age that we live in everyone is seeking something – happiness, peace, financial stability, health, love… you name it. The interesting thing is we already have all of these things, so looking in places outside of ourselves to find them will only lead us on a wild goose chase. The key is to[…]